If you’re looking to increase your company’s customer base, you should be considering adding tri-axle chassis, 3AX chassis, used 3AX container chassis to your fleet. These heavy duty container chassis have a much deeper neck and the main I-beams are constructed of a higher tensile strength steel, again much deeper than a traditional 40 ft....

Innova Industries loves projects that involve bringing new life into used equipment. We’ve been refurbishing a batch of drop deck ISO tank chassis  for a few customer projects. The before and afters can be really amazing to witness. This unit had aluminum wheels, which cannot be painted a crisp white like steel wheels. Instead we...

If you are looking for 40 ft. chassis available in Calfornia, please contact us today! We have (2) units available, bottom unit is road able and the other unit will be stacked on top for transport. If you are in the Los Angeles, Wilmington, Long Beach areas, call us today for affordable equipment without expensive...


December 22, 20160

  As we close year 2016, we just want to take a moment to express our gratitude to our customers and associates who have made this year worth celebrating. I personally have many things to be grateful for and I hope that gratitude is evident in your transactions with me. For those of you struggling...

  On October 15th I again participated in the now 3rd Annual Park to Port Bike Ride (#parktoport). This ride began 3 years ago to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Port of Houston (#POH) and the centennial anniversary of Hermann Park which coincided on the same year (2013)! The ride begins at the Bill...

As many of our customers know, there is an overall container chassis shortage. Many of the chassis pools have bought up large swaths of the fleet chassis operated by the steamship lines and other companies. The sad reality is that may of them sit in stacks idly and yet lease and per day availability continue...

Innova Industries tiene varios estilos de chasis con triple eje para venta. Hay chasis portacontenedores para contenedores de diferentes medidas, o combinaciones. Se llaman “combo chassis” en inglés. Estos chasis de triple eje puedes cargar un contenedor de 20′ con carga pesada, también puede cargar un contenedor de 40′ con carga pesada. También porque tiene...

As the chassis shortages continue in Houston, don’t be left without the necessary equipment to handle the customer loads you need. If you’re hauling 40 ft. chassis loads from the Port of Houston day in and day out, you know the chassis per diem rates can quickly eat up your profits. In addition, your drivers...









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