#ISOtanks Innova Industries is happy to continue to provide the best in used #intermodalequipment as the world continues to struggle with equipment shortages and labor shortages. We can customize any tank and refurbish to your match your company colors or needs. Contact us today for your #bulkliquidtransport needs and #containerchassis. #ISOTankContainers #tankchassis #stainlesssteelcontainer #pressurevessel #intermodaltank...

2021 Is The Year of Economic Recovery An excerpt from the GHBP highlights several of the factors contributing to this. ” (The) U.S. is enjoying robust economic growth. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports real gross domestic product (GDP) grew at a 6.4 percent annual rate in Q1/21, the fastest rate of growth since Q1/03. The robust recovery...

We have (12) 20 ft. container chassis available in Houston. We offer “as is” (not repaired), FMCSA/FHWA repaired units, and fully sand blasted and painted with repairs. Contact us to schedule an appointment to view our available units and therefore determine the best fit for your company. Call 832-433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net. #containerchassis #20ftchassis #intermodalchassis...

It feels good to be on the other side and in a new year. We have a lot of work yet left to do with challenges from last year and new ones already from this year, but I have hope. Transportation equipment sales and bulk liquid container sales have increased to near normal levels in December...

Tank Chassis: Used Drop Deck Tank Chassis For Sale At Innova Industries, we consider ourselves an industry leader when providing quality used intermodal equipment for sale. We maintain a large stock of used ISO tank container chassis in stock in Houston and other major port cities. We offer full rehab services including sand blasting and...

Hello World! What strange and trying times we find ourselves in. The thing that strikes me the most is how global this event has been. No matter where you are in the world right now, your life has been impacted by COVID-19 in some way. What an opportunity for us to show empathy and patience...

Tri-Axle Container Chassis
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Heavy Duty 3AX Container Chassis Tri-Axle Container Chassis. Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Chassis For 20 Ft. Containers. These tri-axle slider chassis are made to haul heavily loaded 20 ft. containers. The specialized heavy duty tri-axle container chassis was built for overweight 20 ft. containers.  They have a more solid construction with deeper webbing and heavier I-beams...










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