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Intermodal  or multi-modal transportation involves more than one mode of transportation for delivering goods to the final destination. Generally this is achieved through ISO Container transportation for dry goods. For chemicals and other bulk liquids this would involve ISO Tank Containers. The equipment for these modes of transportation include #containers #isocontainers #isotankcontainers and for over...


September 1, 2023

  Please enjoy the Labor Day Holiday! Our offices will be closed Monday, September 4th and return to normal on Tuesday September 5th.

Innova Industries is happy to announce that we have some drop deck tank chassis available in Houston for purchase. These chassis come in both closed tandem axle version and 109″ spread axle version. The closed tandems are heavier and have more reinforcements, making them ideal for conversion projects. The spread axle chassis are the industry...

We can all do something to protect our planet. ISO Tanks are an environmentally friendly alternative to flexi-bags. They are reusable over a 20 year lifespan or more, and recyclable at the end of their useful life. This saves over 4 million kg of plastic from our landfills. #earthday #earthday2023 #isotanksareenvironmentallyfriendly #ISOtankcontainer #usedISOtankcontainer #usedISOtankcontainerforsaleinhouston #tankcontainerforsale...

Los ISO Tanques son contenedores maritimos especialmente diseñado para el transporte y almacenamiento de líquidos tanto productos peligrosos como no peligrosos. Las capacidades varian, pero el isotanque mas prevalente en estos tiempos cargan quimicos en cantidades de 20,000L a 26,000L. En esta seccion estaremos hablando sobre el tanque mas comun, el codigo T11 (antes era...

I was going through a previous blog of ours and found some really good articles there. I’d love to link back to those so that people new to the industry can learn a little something valuable. DIAGONAL (BIAS-PLY) TIRES These tires have body plies which cross at a substantial angle to the centerline of the...

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July 27, 2022

26,000L T11 ISO Tank Containers Just brought over these beauties for one of our favorite customers. It’s been difficult with all of the supply chain issues and lack of shipping options from overseas, but they are finally here. Call us today for a new tank quote. #tankcontainers #chemicaltanks #T11tanks #newT11tanks #newtankcontainers #tankcontainersforsale The T11 ISO Tank...

2022 USED Chassis Inventory 43 ft. Drop Deck Tank Chassis Year 1998 – 2004, Manufacturer: Reinke Used to transport 20 ft. ISO Tank Containers for Bulk Liquid Transport . . #bulkliquidtransport #bulkliquid #Tankchassis #usedtankchassis #usedtankchassisforsaleinhouston #usedtankchassisforsale #tankchassisforsale #chassisfortank #usedchassisfortanksinhouston #chassisforISOtanksusedforsale #chasisusado #chasisportacontenedor #chasisISOtanques #chasisparaISOtanques #ISOtankchassis #chasisdeISOtanquedeventa #ISOtanquechasis #chasisdeportacontenedorenhouston

20 ft. Container Chassis, Extendable Year: 2001 – 2005, Make: Various Manufacturer We can sell them “non-repaired” or “refurbished” including sandblasting and painting. Contact us at 832-433-7114 or email us. . #usedchassis #usedcontainerchassis #containerchassisforsale #usedcontainerchassisforsale #usedcontainerchassisinhouston #containerchassisforsaleinhouston #chasisusadoenhouston #chasisdecontenedorusado #chasisparacontenedorenhouston #chasisusadoparacontenedorenhouston #chasisparacontenedordeventa #remolquesusadosdeventa #remolquesenhouston #remolquesusados










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