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January 14, 20201
Tri-Axle Container Chassis
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Heavy Duty 3AX Container Chassis

Tri-Axle Container Chassis. Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Chassis For 20 Ft. Containers. These tri-axle slider chassis are made to haul heavily loaded 20 ft. containers. The specialized heavy duty tri-axle container chassis was built for overweight 20 ft. containers.  They have a more solid construction with deeper webbing and heavier I-beams than your traditional container chassis. The sliding tridems from 33 ft. to 41 ft. give you optimal weight distribution when moving over the road and the ability to load flush with a dock when you arrive at your destination. These units are more lightweight than other heavy duty models, tare weight at 10,700 lbs. and GVWR of 65,000 lbs. Chassis width is 96″ and approximate rear deck height of 48″. 11R 22.5 Radial tires with steel spoke wheels. Three leaf spring suspension. These container chassis are sand blasted and painted a new black, preparing them for many more years of service. Call us today for more information (832) 433-7114.

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Tri-Axle Container Chassis

The container chassis was manufactured as a light weight frame with a rear suspension and bolsters that had standardized twist locks on the ends. The frame of the chassis are not as beefy as their cousins the flatbed trailers, being that the the container frames themselves are self supporting loads, and so the weight is evenly distributed over the frame. Now chassis come in varied lengths (20 ft., 40 ft., 45 ft., 53 ft.), axle configurations (closed tandem, spread tandem, tri-axle, quad- axle), bolster configurations (2 bolster fixed, 8 pin, 12 pin), and suspension configurations (fixed, slider, spring, air ride) to name a few differences. Which type is right for your payloads?

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