Tri-Axle Container Chassis
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Heavy Duty 3AX Container Chassis Tri-Axle Container Chassis. Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Chassis For 20 Ft. Containers. These tri-axle slider chassis are made to haul heavily loaded 20 ft. containers. The specialized heavy duty tri-axle container chassis was built for overweight 20 ft. containers.  They have a more solid construction with deeper webbing and heavier I-beams...

  20 Foot Tri-Axle Slider Container Chassis Available For Heavy Duty Container Drayage 33′ – 41′ Sliding tridem axle chassis are designed with heavy I-beam and cross-member construction to haul up to 24 metric tons of payload or cargo (about 53,000 lbs.) with a single ISO 20 ft. container. When the chassis is closed (33′)...

If you’re looking to increase your company’s customer base, you should be considering adding tri-axle chassis, 3AX chassis, used 3AX container chassis to your fleet. These heavy duty container chassis have a much deeper neck and the main I-beams are constructed of a higher tensile strength steel, again much deeper than a traditional 40 ft....

Innova Industries tiene varios estilos de chasis con triple eje para venta. Hay chasis portacontenedores para contenedores de diferentes medidas, o combinaciones. Se llaman “combo chassis” en inglés. Estos chasis de triple eje puedes cargar un contenedor de 20′ con carga pesada, también puede cargar un contenedor de 40′ con carga pesada. También porque tiene...

As we are inspecting and considering our next batch of used container chassis to bring in this week, we’d love to hear more from our customers. We have all experienced the increase in used chassis pricing and remember with melancholy the container chassis purchases we made 2 years ago, that now seem ludicrously inexpensive. As...

12 Pin Combo chassis are in high demand right now and it’s no surprise. These versatile chassis can carry either (1) loaded Heavy 20 ft. container, (2) empty 20 ft. containers, (1) loaded Heavy 40 ft. regular or high cube container. The tri-axles mean that you can load up the rear axle to 42,000 lbs....

This 2011 combination chassis features tandem aluminum hub piloted wheels, radial tires, 6 bolsters, 12 pins (retractable and non). You can haul a 10 ft. container, (2) 20 ft. containers, or (1) 40 ft. container. It is 48″ at the rear, so loading dock height. It is fully custom so please contact us for exact...

We have a remaining three tri-axle chassis left in Chicago for sale. They are in excellent structural repair with working landing gear, lights, twist locks, etc. Bottom unit has also been painted to date. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing these heavy haulers!









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