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August 2, 20170

If you’re looking to increase your company’s customer base, you should be considering adding tri-axle chassis, 3AX chassis, used 3AX container chassis to your fleet. These heavy duty container chassis have a much deeper neck and the main I-beams are constructed of a higher tensile strength steel, again much deeper than a traditional 40 ft. chassis or 20 ft. chassis. The cross beam or cross member reinforcements are greater to support the loads of the ever heavier containers coming in to our ports. The chassis have three axles which allow you to load up to 41,000-42,000 lbs (depending on your state laws) onto the rear axle versus the traditional 34,000 lbs of your tandem counterparts. Also our used tri-axle chassis tare weight is under 10,000 lbs. which is a full 1,500 lbs lighter than other manufacturers.

We offer used 3AX chassis in two designs. For those who prefer a vintage, we can offer OshKosh 3AX chassis that expand up to 38 ft. in length and are 28 ft. when closed. We have some that are completely refurbished in Houston, ready for your next project.


Newer chassis manufactured by Strick tri-axle chassis expand up to 41 ft. in length and are 33 ft. when closed. Both are tridem axle chassis. Most of our inventory comes with spoke wheels and tube type tires. Custom modifications can be done in house. For your inquiries please contact our office at (832) 433-7114 or email our sales department, sandra@innovaindustries.net for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Para nuestros clientes en espanol, tambien ofrecemos servicios de cotizacion y transportacion en su idioma. Si buscan chasis de triple eje para venta, por favor llamanos hoy en dia a (832) 433-7114 o enviame un email sandra@innovaindustries.net



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