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March 12, 20150

As we are inspecting and considering our next batch of used container chassis to bring in this week, we’d love to hear more from our customers. We have all experienced the increase in used chassis pricing and remember with melancholy the container chassis purchases we made 2 years ago, that now seem ludicrously inexpensive. As an asset based dealer, we know our costs are increasing, but we are still driven by the desire to turn out top notch equipment. Yes, we would love to blast and paint every chassis, give them all new wheels and shoes and send them on their merry way, but the reality is these are costs involved. Large costs. So we ask our customers, would you rather buy a bit of an ugly intermodal chassis that runs down the road legally, or do you want your new asset to look and feel more like the new chassis you wish you could afford?

used 20 ft. 3AX chassis 290133 (2) lrs
Used 3AX Chassis “As Is”

After much mechanical TLC, replacing wear and tear parts, several gallons of paint later, and our finished product.

Tri-Axle Chassis AFTER Picture
Tri-Axle Chassis AFTER Picture

So which is it our wonderful customer? Pay some extra for a chassis that’s had the wheel end play checked, alignment checked, new brake shoes, new tires, the steel surface is completely protected from the elements, or the “as is” version? I do hope to hear from you. As always, if you’re looking to buy a new or used tri-axle chassis, call us at 832-433-7114. We’ll finish it to your specifications.

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