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June 26, 20200

As Innova Industries is an essential business, we will continue to provide essential equipment for our customers who are in industries that provide esential products and services, including those that help combat coronavirus. We have supplied #ISOtankcontainers to industries for isopropyl prodution, a key ingredient in hand sanitizer (also ethanol and methanol tanks available). Depending on the jurisdiction, occasionally customers will ask for food grade ethanol tanks. We have virgin ISO tanks that are perfect for this application as well as tanks that have only been in the service of food grade products. A food grade certificate is available for an additional $75. Additionally we sell the tank container chassis that transport these important chemical tank containers to their destinations.

As Harris County enters into a new highest threat level, we stand by our city officials to keep us safe. When in the office we observe the mask mandate and are taking shifts in order to minimize contact and exposure. Regardless of where we are working, we will continue to provide the highest level of service and products to our customers. Please call us today at 832-433-7114 or email

Current Inventory

ISO Tanks in the USA are typically 20 ft. long x 8 ft. 6 in high x 8 ft. wide. They come in a variety of capacities largely suited for the cargo they carry (12,000L, 14,500L, 21,000L, 24,000L etc.). The tank itself is manufactured out of stainless steel, namely 316L. The frame dimensions are ISO standards also to allow for the tank to be easily mounted on ship, train, or chassis. Tank containers have an 8 ft. tall ladder along the sides that allow access to the top of the container. Due to the cylindrical shape of the tank, they are outfitted with aluminum catwalks so that operators can access the different valves. Most tanks have a 20” manlid for filling with product and a bottom discharge valve to best use gravity feed. Tanks can be outfitted with cladding and insulation and steam heat systems to keep their products heated to a certain degree. Other tanks are outfitted with cooling systems and insulation to keep certain chemicals or food products such as milk in a refrigerated state. Please see some examples below.

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