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January 26, 20181


The fracking industry continues to pick up steam again as a resurgence of oil and gas drilling is driving activity. A major component of this industry is the fine sand that is required to create fissures in the well. As the wells become deeper and longer, the tonnage of sand used is increasing almost double fold. Companies are finding it more profitable to use the coarser grain of West Texas sand than to travel long distances to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a finer grade. With new Texas sand mines coming on line in the near future, this industry will remain very active for the long term future. The sand companies are beginning to require drivers to use the more efficient container chassis to haul their containerized loads instead of flatbeds that require extra time to strap and bind loads to haul over the road.

The twist locks secure the container to the chassis in one quick movement saving the driver and companies time loading and unloading and eliminating the need for straps and binders. We have these twist locks in stock available for sale as well. Call (832) 433-7114 for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment, please contact our offices today for options to increase your capacity and efficiency hauling containerized sand (sand boxes, sand containers).  Email me at sandra@innovaindustries.net or call (832) 433-7114.

New Built Sand Trailer

We can also offer new build sand chassis, specifically engineered to haul sand containers in 6-8 week lead time. Please contact us today (832) 433-7114.

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  • Sergio

    July 21, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    I like to know pricing on sand box chassis models that you can have please and thanks!!!


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