If you are looking for 40 ft. chassis available in Calfornia, please contact us today! We have (2) units available, bottom unit is road able and the other unit will be stacked on top for transport. If you are in the Los Angeles, Wilmington, Long Beach areas, call us today for affordable equipment without expensive...

Innova Industries tiene varios estilos de chasis con triple eje para venta. Hay chasis portacontenedores para contenedores de diferentes medidas, o combinaciones. Se llaman “combo chassis” en inglés. Estos chasis de triple eje puedes cargar un contenedor de 20′ con carga pesada, también puede cargar un contenedor de 40′ con carga pesada. También porque tiene...

Innova Industries has tri-axle or 3ax combo chassis available in Houston. We currently have very well maintained 2004 Pratt combination chassis. These used trailers have 12 pins, 6 bolsters with 12 twist locks to enable you to haul either a single 20 ft. shipping container loaded or a single 40 ft. shipping container. Additionally you...

Tired of the port chassis fees and backlog? Looking to own some nice chassis you can count on to be in perfect shape? Call us at (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net. These are refurbished chassis, with new VIN plates and new titles. Just completed, coming out of the shop with new paint and all good...

  Over Memorial Day weekend, Houston saw massive amounts of rainfall that resulted in moderate to severe flooding in many areas. Unfortunately our business offices were headquartered near the White Oak Bayou, which ran over it’s banks and gave us 5 ft. of flooding in our office. All of our computers, servers, furniture was completely...

At Innova we’re finishing up another used tank chassis project. The beauty of the container chassis is the simplicity of its design. Not only does it allow the chassis trailer to be lighter weight than traditional trailers, but it facilitates the restoration process. Two I-Beams compose the main frame rails, which are supported by welded...

We have 40ft. container chassis available for sale here in Houston.  Our inventory includes newer used chassis  (2004 and 2005 chassis) with ABS brakes that are current. They have been recently repaired with NEW FMCSA INSPECTION stickers.   These goose neck chassis can haul standard or high cubes.  Call our office for more information and pricing. ...

12 Pin Combo chassis are in high demand right now and it’s no surprise. These versatile chassis can carry either (1) loaded Heavy 20 ft. container, (2) empty 20 ft. containers, (1) loaded Heavy 40 ft. regular or high cube container. The tri-axles mean that you can load up the rear axle to 42,000 lbs....

Chassis solid steel frames give these versatile transporters a long working life.  Wind, sun, and rain can give them a weathered appearance over time, but luckily they are excellent candidates for a full, showroom quality makeover! Before Phase 1 – Tires, hoses, and other parts are removed Phase 2 – Chassis frame is sand-blasted to...










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