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As many of our customers know, there is an overall container chassis shortage. Many of the chassis pools have bought up large swaths of the fleet chassis operated by the steamship lines and other companies. The sad reality is that may of them sit in stacks idly and yet lease and per day availability continue to be low. At Innova Industries, we continue to search out hard to find used equipment to maintain in stock for customers who need them. In addition, we stock NEW container chassis in our north yard in Houston, TX.


These chassis are produced in Ohio by a company who’s been in the trailer, farm equipment, and chassis business for a long time. The chassis are manufactured under the ProHaul brand, part of the King Kutter family of businesses. The manufacturer pays close attention to detail and builds robust chassis. In addition, they stand behind their workmanship if ever there should be a problem with a chassis coming off the assembly line.

40 ft. Pro-Haul Tandem Container Chassis

The 40 ft. container chassis come standard with hub piloted steel wheels and radial tires. They also have LED lights and ABS Brakes. We have units available in stock, ready to ship, or you can customize your chassis specifically to meet your requirements.

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20 ft. Pro-Haul Tandem Slider Chassis


This chassis features a special internal roller bearing system to allow for smooth gliding when extending and retracting the chassis. The bearings are integrated in the slider for easy repositioning of axles to reduce equipment damage. ┬áThis system cuts down on time and driver frustration when operating container chassis. In addition, the chassis features Hutch 9700 series three leaf spring, two speed 50,0000 lb lift capacity landing gear, 5′ round 30,000 lbs. axle with oil bath hubs, LED lights, 30/30 brake chambers and more.



20 ft. Tri-Axle Pro-Haul Slider Chassis


This super chassis is built to handle super heavy 20 ft. containers. The Grade 50, 14″ I-Beam construction with frame ribs and reinforcing crossmembers provide increase strength. This chassis comes equipped with Hutch 9700 series three leaf spring suspension, 24,000 lb GAWR axles. Additionally they have LED lights, 10 hole hub piloted wheels (aluminum optional) and 11R22.5 radial tires. Approximate tare weight 10,750 lbs. GVWR 65,000 lbs.

Additionally ProHaul manufactures 40′-45′ slider tandem container chassis, and 53′ chassis. If you have interest in a custom specification chassis, we can provide services for that as well. If you’re in the market for new container chassis and don’t want to wait the long lead times of other manufacturers, call us today at (832) 433-7114 to discuss your company’s individual needs. Additionally you can email me at sandra@innovaindustries.net to start the process. Again remember, many of these chassis are in stock both in Houston, TX and Ohio, so quick turn key projects are no problem.


  • Jose Zetino

    September 15, 2021 at 8:02 pm

    Im intersted on 40 ft Chassis any available you have

  • Ainsworth Plummer

    January 29, 2022 at 7:22 pm

    40 ft chassis for sale

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