UncategorizedDo You Need A 40 ft. Container Chassis in Houston?

June 21, 20160

As the chassis shortages continue in Houston, don’t be left without the necessary equipment to handle the customer loads you need. If you’re hauling 40 ft. chassis loads from the Port of Houston day in and day out, you know the chassis per diem rates can quickly eat up your profits. In addition, your drivers waste lots of time in queue for a chassis they may or may not be able to provide. Many times, the chassisthat they do provide are barely road legal, with questionable, under-inflated tire tread and worn brakes and lights. If you’re ready to invest in your own equipment, contact us today. We have top of the line, brand NEW build chassis with radial tires, hubb piloted disc wheels, LED lights, right arrown marker lights, and more! Contact us today to schedule an appointment to view them right here in Houston. (832) 433-7114

We can also provide finance contacts for you if you’re in need of a little extra capital. These are worthwhile investments that generally pay off in under a year!*New 40 ft. Container Chassis (6) lr New 40 ft. Container Chassis (7) lr New 40 ft. Container Chassis (1)

Additionally, if you are looking for used container chassis for sale, we also have USED 40 ft. container chassis available. We can sell them “As Is” or fully refurbish them with new paint and replace any other wear items you require. For full inventory information, you can click on EQUIPMENT above and view our current inventory or email sandra@innovaindustries.net for more information.

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